Presidential Compilation

by Mikey's Imaginary Friends

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Presidential Compilation is a handmade series of CDs whose packages are composed of recycled portraits of American presidents. The limited edition physical copies were only available at M!F live performances and sold out quickly. Now, this digital download is available, which combines colors from the entire catalogue of Mikey's Imaginary Friends into one fluid sonic experience.


released June 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Mikey's Imaginary Friends

M.!.F combines experimental indie rock with sound art to create colorful art music.

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Track Name: Jake, The Helicopter Pilot (full band version)
decided to stop trying to impress people i'm not at all impressed by
now i'm not depressed at all
thinking about those days we spent together, remembering the pain, and how i got drunker
flying the world to and from planets with jake, the helicopter pilot
i know you haven't forgotten mikey
when i go crazy every sunday night, i close my eyes and i see you smile
but i know you won't be there if i need you
i could be dying. i could be lonely. you could be happy, but i know you are sad. guess what, luna, i don't give a fuck no more
flying the world to and from planets with jake the helicopter pilot
i know you haven't forgotten mikey
Track Name: Recreate 1968 (full band version)
No future I don't care
John Bach I'll grow my hair
no future, why would I care?
Communicating with this text message generation is hard
Can you allow yourself to feel something that you have never felt before?
Abbie Hoffman's megaphone speaks to me through Albert Hoffman's bicycyle
He says to stop drinking and learn to make some molotov cocktails
1968 seems like yesterday to me
Fred Hampton's mic is a capsule of love in time
If Kurt Cobain is listening I'd like to ask you to join
Track Name: The Lykke Li Show (full band)
I was dancing with your soul at the Lykke Li show
I thought I saw your face but I guess I didn't know
Dancing with your soul at the Lykke Li show
We pre-gamed at the pad
It's called the Aeroplane 803
That's the reason that I wanna trade my arms for wings permanently

We talked about the woods and the treehouses, the Carolina road trips and all the kids that we missed

I was dancing with your soul at the Lykke Li show cuz I never want to see your stone in the cemetery of souls
Track Name: Another Cutter (full band)
She's from Miami originally
she's a little older than eleventeen
scars on her arms and her eyes are green
she was just crying but now she's smiling at me
please don't take my friend away from me
please don't take this friend away from me

don't forget that your city is your battleground
Track Name: The Redneck Reign Is Over!
every action has a reaction and this one looks so beautiful
the laughing stock and the cynical apathetic youth is a thing of the past
you can kick neck reds in the heads
what I said
what I said
there are places that are still covered in snow and there are mounds and bloody dirt mountains covered in bones
and the sand in the box has the ability to talk through these photographs, worth 1000 words
we are off our ass and it's worth at least 100 smiles
the redneck reign's end and trial
I can see so many teeth
lips turned up, look at me
farewell hello, farewell hello
I look forward to imaginary hell
you can be anything
so can she and so can we
the music that I heard in the streets with the honking horns and dancing feet opened up my cynical mind and gave a monocle to my cynical eye cuz I have seen the new youth and this smelly teen spirit smells good, just like you, so farewell hello, hello